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I hereby acknowledge that the information and documentation provided by Antomar, in respect of the business(es) in which the signatory hereto expresses interest, as defined herein as “the business”, is and shall remain strictly confidential. The Client specifically undertakes not to disclose said information and documentation to any person without express written permission of Antomar.

The Client acknowledges that said information and documentation are in all respects confidential in nature (other than information which is in public domain through other means) and that any injurious use or disclosure of same by the Client may cause serious harm or damage to the owners of the business and/or Antomar and that such unauthorised use or disclosure could lead to the liability of the Client for in law.

The Client equally acknowledges that said information and documentation furnished are based on that supplied by the Seller of the business to Antomar. Neither Antomar nor their consultants nor employees accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the financial information on any grounds whatsoever. The Client therefore accepts that it is his sole responsibility to conduct his own due diligence into the business and its affairs.

Your information on this form will be treated as confidential. Your signature on this form verifies that the information supplied is true and correct. Incorrect information can lead to lost revenue incurred to the Seller and Broker and the Buyer can be held liable for damages. You also undertake not to contact the sellers represented by Antomar Business Brokers directly or indirectly, without the consent of Antomar Business Brokers. In terms of the mandates held we are obliged to qualify all Buyers.